Platinum Wrap-Around 3-Stone Diamond Ring

Capture_01076 copyCapture_01088 copyCapture_01080 copyCapture_01102 copyCapture_01092 copy


2 thoughts on “Platinum Wrap-Around 3-Stone Diamond Ring

  1. Request a quote for this setting with 3 stones about one karat size each. Please quote for white gold about size 5.5.

    1. Hi Christine. Thanks for your interest. The side stones on the ring pictured are significantly smaller than the center stone. To make all stones 1 carat would be a very different, much bigger ring. The ring as pictured sold for about $7,000.00. We don’t have one in stock for me to compare the setting to your specifications but I imagine that a similar ring with three 1 carat stones would cost in the range of $23,700.00 – $28,000.00 or more if you want extremely good diamonds.

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